Eating Across America

Eating Across America

by Alice Lee Tebo

We're always up for a road trip, especially if it involves delicious food in intriguing places. So we were delighted to discover The Perennial Plate, a weekly web series dedicated to "adventurous and sustainable eating."

Chef/host Daniel Klein and "vegetarian Cameraman" Mirra Fine traveled 23,000 miles across 42 states and produced 50 short films (one per week) for a year. The goal: To tell "real food stories" in every corner of the country. Viewers submitted and voted on destinations and topics via Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare.

The episodes are full of colorful characters, vivid stories, and infectious music. They take us ranching in Montana, urban gardening in New Orleans, shiitake growing in Arkansas, seaweed harvesting in Maine, and dumpster diving in Virginia, among many other exploits.

We love this recent video (below) of highlights from their trip. And check out the whole series here.

Is there a food story in your neck of the woods that deserves to be told? Where would you go on your own culinary road trip?



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