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lisa bennett - how to avoid eco-despair

Chris Jordan's art embodies both tragedy and beauty, or the grief and the love enabling one to avoid despair.

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How to Avoid Eco-despairA friend who recently attended a cremation ceremony told me that it had been the highlight of his week. Resisting the easy jokes, I asked him why. Because, he said, there is nothing like death to remind you of what really matters. If you’ve ever experienced the death of a loved one, chances are you know what my friend meant. An encounter with death tends to lift us (at least temporarily...more >
karen brown - love in the classroom

Reflections on social and emotional learning on Valentine's Day.

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Love in the ClassroomIt was pink, it had glitter on it, and it meant someone loved me. The little valentine I was holding was from my best friend, Beth, and we were both in the second grade. Of all my holiday experiences from my elementary school years, I remember Valentine's Day in the second grade most vividly. My teacher that year – and I'm not making this up – was Mrs. Card. And we celebrated...more >
lisa bennet - when kids get good school food

Oakland celebrates National School Lunch Week with one "Ideal Meal."

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When Kids Get Good School Food — for a DayShortly after lunch, three girls approached garden instructor Sarah Stephens on the playground of Cleveland Elementary School, a public school in Oakland, where the majority of students are eligible for free and reduced-price lunch. “I thought you said the food was going to be good today,” one said. “It was horrible,” another said. "I never want to have it again." “Mine was good,” said a...more >

Of the hundreds of signs at the October 30 Comedy Central rally, could these have been made by teachers?

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Rally to Restore Sanity – Funny Signs for TeachersWhen Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert held their Rally to Restore Sanity (and/or Fear) October 30, we expected the crowd to make their own signs with some very sane messages. Here are a few that seem particularly funny for teachers.What kind of sign would you make for the Rally? Tell us!(Photos courtesy The Huffington Post.)more >
Karen Brown - Wind Power Project Offers a New Spin for Students

How to tackle sustainability, recycling, and renewable energy with a tin of baked beans.

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Wind Power Project Offers a New Spin for Students"Sometimes creativity goes a little bit with what we call 'misbehavior.'"  That's what Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak observes about his teenage days as an inventor, phreak, and hacker. It was an era in Woz's young life when he piled up math and science prizes and got in plenty of trouble, including a sentence to juvenile hall for rigging a classmate's locker with a prank "bomb."...more >
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