RSL Financial Calculator

RSL Financial Calculator

Improving school food presents financial challenges for almost every district.

Nutrition services directors and business managers can do a better job of assessing their options if they are able to analyze their existing business and then create various scenarios that will model changes they might make. In order to explore the financial implications of different models, it is important that they be able to employ accurate data.

The Bon App├ętit Management Company developed the Rethinking School Lunch Financial Calculator, an interactive financial spreadsheet as a tool for this purpose. The calculator contains several individual worksheets that track assumptions and income and expense categories for a district of up to 15 schools, from elementary through high school. The worksheets, optimized to support "fresh prep" farm-to-school lunch programs, include both sample sheets and editable sheets on which users can enter the data appropriate for their districts.

Download the Rethinking School Lunch Financial Calculator (320k zip)

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