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The Systems View of Life

The Systems View of Life

June 20 2012
David Brower Center, Berkeley, CA

This Center for Ecoliteracy seminar sold out. We invite you to watch our newsletter and website for announcements of future events.


June 20–22, 2012: Join the Center for Ecoliteracy for a rare opportunity to hear Fritjof Capra, one of the world's leading systems theorists, in a seminar based on The Systems View of Life, the Cambridge University Press textbook he is currently writing with Pier Luigi Luisi, professor of biology at the University of Rome (publication date 2013). 

Fritjof will discuss his latest thinking about the dynamics of living systems and the implications for understanding our major global problems and their interconnections in order to address the challenges of building sustainable communities.

Other presenters currently scheduled include Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute, author of Peak Everything and The End of Growth.

The seminar will feature:

  • Daily lectures by Fritjof Capra on systems in the biological, evolutionary, cognitive, ecological, and social dimensions;
  • Presentations and dialogue about understanding and responding to today's environmental crises from a systems perspective;
  • Opportunities for participants to showcase their own work and engage in discussions about ways to integrate new ideas from the seminar;
  • Presentation of the Center for Ecoliteracy's application of systems thinking to its work with schools;
  • Gala reception.

Registration includes:

Healthy and delicious breakfasts and lunches on all three days
Evening reception


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