Climate Change

Perhaps the most serious challenge to sustainability is the fact that the Earth's climate is rapidly changing. The eight warmest years on record since 1850 have all been after 1998. In the last 100 years, the average surface temperature has increased by 1.2°F to 1.4°F. Warmer temperatures have already affected precipitation patterns, snow and ice cover, and sea levels.

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David W. Orr - The Carbon Connection
David W. Orr

Our mismanagement of carbon threatens the human future.

On Climate Change and Applied Hope
David W. Orr

Authentic hope, says David W. Orr, can be found only in our capacity to discern the truth about our situation and ourselves and to summon the fortitude to act accordingly.

Katy Yan - Countering Climate Misinformation
Katy Yan

Presenting strategies for overcoming teenagers' misconceptions around climate science.

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