Consumption and Waste

Material goods take energy to manufacture and transport. They use natural resources like wood, metals, minerals, and petroleum (the source of most plastics). When we discard the goods or their packaging, they require further processing and landfill space.

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Dan Imhoff - Neither Paper nor Plastic: Eating outside the Box
Dan Imhoff

The manufacture and use of much packaging is environmentally destructive. Strategies exist for minimizing or eliminating packaging.

Daniel Goleman - Ecological Intelligence
Daniel Goleman

Ecological intelligence allows us to comprehend systems in all their complexity, as well as the interplay between the natural and man-made worlds.

Karen Brown - Pedaling Bamboo
Karen Brown

DIY low-cost bikes from "weeds"

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Two friends fund a scholarship program with sustainable style.

Karen Brown
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Karen Brown
Blog Pedaling Bamboo

DIY low-cost bikes from "weeds"

Karen Brown
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