Food and Farming

How we grow, process, transport, market, prepare, and dispose of food is critical to many of the central issues of sustainable living. Over the last decades, factory farming has displaced many small family farms and created several environmental and health issues. Reviving smaller-scale farms, a process that schools might help though their purchasing, could encourage agricultural practices that are more sustainable in terms of the environment, health, and the local economy.

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Downloadable tools for demonstrating the academic, health, and financial benefits of high-quality, appealing school meals.

Gary Paul Nabhan - Long Before the First Thanksgiving
Gary Paul Nabhan

Arizona Pima Indian elders teach children to prepare traditional foods while sharing stories, songs, history, and culture.

Janet Brown - Mediations on an Apple
Janet Brown

As you raise the apple to your lips, savor the millions of agreements and simple actions, arrayed across time and space, connecting you to each other and to the land.

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Essay Beyond a Garden in Every School

School gardens should be thought of as the center of the school, and not just another program or place.

Philip Nix
Blog Cooking Classes for Food Services Staff

Cooking classes for nutrition services staff, based on the Center's cookbook and professional development guide.

Alice Lee Tebo
Blog Cooking with California Food Conference

We presented our latest resources and strategies for fresh, local, healthy school meals at an August, 2011 conference.

Zenobia Barlow
Essay Dispatch from Hawai'i: Supporting the Growing School Garden Movement

School gardens are flourishing on the islands of Hawai'i, with help from the Center for Ecoliteracy.

Alice Lee Tebo
Essay Earth's Limits: Why Growth Won't Return - Food

Multiple limiting factors make continuing expansion of the world's food supply, and therefore economic growth, problematic.

Richard Heinberg
Blog Eating Across America

A weekly web series takes us on a cross-country odyssey dedicated to food.

Alice Lee Tebo
Essay Farmer in Chief

An open letter from the author of In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto, to an incoming president.

Michael Pollan
Essay Farming the Future

Future food security will require new crops of farmers with a diversity of approaches adapted to local conditions.

Kenny Ausubel
Essay Farming's Central Role in Alleviating Poverty

Farming, ecological stewardship, and a sense of place play central roles in efforts to alleviate poverty.

Michael Ableman
Essay Feeding Our Future

By feeding young people well, we are feeding and nourishing our own future.

Michael Ableman
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