Food and Farming

How we grow, process, transport, market, prepare, and dispose of food is critical to many of the central issues of sustainable living. Over the last decades, factory farming has displaced many small family farms and created several environmental and health issues. Reviving smaller-scale farms, a process that schools might help though their purchasing, could encourage agricultural practices that are more sustainable in terms of the environment, health, and the local economy.

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Tools for demonstrating the academic, health, environmental, and financial benefits of high-quality, appealing school meals.


Oct. 17, 2014: Karen Brown to discuss "Re-Localizing the Food System" at the annual Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, CA.


School food system reform is a critical strategy for addressing fundamental justice issues.

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Essay Farming the Future

Future food security will require new crops of farmers with a diversity of approaches adapted to local conditions.

Kenny Ausubel
Essay Farming's Central Role in Alleviating Poverty

Farming, ecological stewardship, and a sense of place play central roles in efforts to alleviate poverty.

Michael Ableman
Essay Feeding Our Future

By feeding young people well, we are feeding and nourishing our own future.

Michael Ableman
Essay Food Fight: The 2007 Farm Bill

The Farm Bill significantly affects food, farming, land use, school meals, biodiversity, family farms, and farm workers.

Dan Imhoff
Essay Food Security - It Takes a Community

Community food security recognizes the importance of a host of community-based institutions and sectors to achieve true food security in a given area or region.

Mark Winne
Download Forging the Justice Path

School food system reform is a critical strategy for addressing fundamental justice issues.

Essay Fossil Food: Consuming Our Future

It takes about 10 fossil fuel calories to produce and transport each food calorie in the average American diet.

Tom Starrs
Blog How Much Food Will a Dollar Buy?

Schools have about a dollar to spend on the food in each lunch. What will that buy?

Karen Brown
Essay In the Tangle

Work that permeates your entire life and demands your energy and heart returns great treasures.

Wendy Johnson
Blog Just Say No to Drugs ... at Lunch

Nice package. But what's really inside that milk carton?

Karen Brown
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