Belfountain P.S.

Get Outside!

Belfountain P.S.

Our goal

The goal of the program is for students to become active citizens engaged in their community with an awareness of their role in the local environment.

How we are doing it

Find learning opportunities in the local community.
Form learning partnerships with organizations in the community that allow students and organizations to mutually benefit from the relationship.
Take advantage of the interdisciplinary/subject integration opportunities that real –world based learning provides.
Teach specific skills and competencies identified in the curriculum in the context of learning projects.

What we are learning

Learning to use local learning opportunities –Place-based
Learning to Integrate
Learning the importance of inquiry
Learning to work together - Peer Teaching
Learning we have a voice - Action Learning/Service Learning
Learning the importance of Celebrations/Reflections
Learning to take the time to Self-Evaluate and Reflect

School Information

School: Belfountain P.S.
Grade level: K-5
Number of students in your project: 150
Subjects: Other (please specify in box below)
Other subjects: all of them
Number of students in your school: 150
Project initiator: whole school

Contact Information

Janice Haines, Gr. 4 teacher
17247 Shaws Creek Rd  Belfountain,  ON  L0G 1W0

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