Berry Elementary Environmental Science Magnet School

Going Green

Berry Elementary Environmental Science Magnet School

Our goal

Our goal is to turn the new LEED silver building into a small children's museum that allows parents, students, and community members to learn about different environmental themes through hands-on activities in the open classrooms that will be available in the new building.

How we are doing it

We developed a plan that shows exactly what we want in each of the open classrooms. We have distributed the plan to many businesses and community members in hopes of getting some people to fund the new schools. We have also written many grants and have been looking for in-kind donations.

What we are learning

We are learning how there are many different ways that the environment can be taught. There are also multiple products that are available. Parents, community members, and area businesses really support schools that are trying to go green and teach others how to be environmentally responsible. We have already funded 2 pods and some outdoor areas through area partnerships. It is difficult to find funding for the larger projects but we are very hopeful. We hope to show you some great pictures next year!!

School Information

School: Berry Elementary Environmental Science Magnet School
Grade level: K-5
Number of students in your project: 645
Subjects: Art Science Other (please specify in box below)
Other subjects: Environmental Science
Number of students in your school: 645
Project initiator: Principal and Magnet Coordinator

Contact Information

Lori  Kelleher, Magnet Coordinator
2310 Berry Rd.  Houston,  TX  77093

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