The Lawrenceville School

The Lawrenceville School: Becoming a Sustainable Community

The Lawrenceville School

Our goal

The initiative we lauched at Lawrenceville was sparked by a community wide charrette in the spring of 2004. The outcome of that was "The Green Campus Initiative" which takes a holistic approach to campus sustainability. The initiative focuses on campus energy, materials, land, and water use applying methods that promote ecological literacy, sustainability education and involve the broader community outside of the school.

How we are doing it

We have initiated several projects that try to include all members of the community in their execution. From redeveloping the pond on campus to trying to make the dining hall "zero-waste" we have attempted to include students and educational opportunities in all of our efforts.

What we are learning

It is tough to change a 200 year old institution! We have had some great successes and projects that could not sustain themselves. Ultimately we are trying to create awareness and educate all members of the community about these important issues - not simply the students who attend the school. We want ot inspire people to live well in this place.

School Information

School: The Lawrenceville School
Grade level: 9-12
Number of students in your project:
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Other subjects: All
Number of students in your school: 800
Project initiator: Whole Community

Contact Information

Sam Kosoff, Director of Sustainability
2500 Main Street  Lawrenceville,  NJ  08648

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