Roy Vizcara Elementary School

Roy Vizcara Elementary School

Roy Vizcara Elementary School

Our goal

Roy Vizcara Elementary School is one of the hinterland school of South District. It is 15 kilometers away from the city proper. Located at Hinandigan, Lunotan, Gingoog City. It has an area of 4,970 square meters.

It was established early in 1962. The land was donated to the Sitio of Hinandigan, Lunotan, Gingoog Cityby Mr. and Mrs. Apolinario Vizcara with the condition that the land should be used only for the purpose of making it a school site and the school should bear the name of the donor.

It has 3 school buildings one of which is PTA building, the carino type and the standard modified classroom. It has 3 qualified teachers and headed by School In Charge.

How we are doing it

Presence of in-service environmental training for teaching staff

Presence of environmental support instructional materials for use by teachers and pupils.

Integration of Environmental Themes into the Curriculum
1. Helping save our Environment
2. Protect our Forest
3. Sustainability and Ecological Balance/Balance of Nature
4. Love and Care for the Environment
5. Appreciate the independence of Animal, Plant and Environment
6. Appreciate the Balance of Nature
7. Saving our Forest to improve food production
8. Taking good care of our natural resources
9. Preserve the beauty of the natural resources
10. Preserving nature
11. Appreciate different animals that exists the balance of nature
12. Awareness of global events and issues
13. Respect and Love for animals varied characteristics
14. Nature God’s given of nature
15. The importance of energy conservation
16. Being a plant lover
17. Help recycle useful garbage
18. Appreciation of God’s creation
19. Love of nature
20. Awareness of Environmental Programs
21. Save river from pollution
22. Love for plants is developed
23. Caring attitude for plants is enhanced
24. Recognition of the importance of plants
25. Desire to grow more plants
26. Gratitude for all benefits obtain from plants
27. Recognition of the good changes that occur in the environment
28. Care to prevent some bad changes in the environment to occur
29. Forever grateful for the process photosynthesis in plants which provide us food and oxygen
30. The importance of topsoil will help us be reminded to prevent erosion
31. Appreciation that mountains are made of rocks
32. A strong desire to preserve top soil
33. Appreciation and gratitude for the rich soil that plants needs
34. Awareness about safety measures that can protect our environment during bad weather
35. Being observant to the occurrence of natural phenomena
36. Appreciate the Laws of Nature
37. Finding ways to conserve our Natural Resources

What we are learning

How to take care of our Mother Earth.

- Taught children how to recycle everything we can through use for craft projects.
- Taught school children how to use paper properly by minimized their Scratch Paper
- Turning Off lights when not in use.
- Taught them how to conserved energy and how to use electricity properly

Waste segregation

Every classroom has waste segregation, recycling and composting

Water Conservation Program

- Repair of Leaking Faucet
- Use water properly
- Conserved water and turning off faucet when not in use

School Information

School: Roy Vizcara Elementary School
Grade level:
Number of students in your project: 114
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Number of students in your school: 114
Project initiator: Dolores W. Japson

Contact Information

Dolores Japson, School Head
Hinandigan, Lunotan, Gingoog City  Gingoog City,  Philippines  09014

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