STRAW Celebrates 500th Habitat Restoration
Michael K. Stone

Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed has completed 500 projects, involving 40,000 students over 23 years.

Climate-Smart Ranching: An Interview with Kat Taylor and Wendy Millet
Kat Taylor
Wendy Millet

TomKat Ranch is a huge experiment to investigate the environmental and economic benefits of sustainable animal agriculture.

California Thursdays April 2015 Launch

Forty-two participating districts serve a meal featuring California foods. The State Assembly proclaims "California Thursday" throughout the state.

Reforming Farming to Fight Climate Change: An Interview with Michael Pollan
Michael Pollan
Rene Ebersole

You can't address climate without looking at the food system.


Tools for demonstrating the academic, health, environmental, and financial benefits of high-quality, appealing school meals.

Industrial Agriculture, Agroecology, and Climate Change
Fritjof Capra

Contrasting practices that exacerbate climate disruption with those that build resilience and support health.

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