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Lisa Bennett - Oakland Takes on Inequity through School Food

The Center for Ecoliteracy receives grants totaling $200,000 to work with Oakland schools.

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Oakland Takes on Inequity through School FoodSchool lunch has been associated with a lot of things since Michelle Obama, the most powerful woman in the universe according to Forbes's latest ranking, put a spotlight on the issue with the launch of her Let's Move! campaign early this year: Childhood obesity. National security. The growing health care crisis. And now, even more basic to schooling itself: equity in education. "School food...more >
summer seminars - natural pigments

Dedicated educators gathered at CEL 2010 summer seminars to immerse minds, bodies, and spirits in education for sustainability.

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A Summer of Education for Sustainable LivingDedicated teachers don't take the summer off. They are busy stretching their minds and gathering inspiration and ideas for the next school year. The Center for Ecoliteracy was privileged to present three seminars during summer 2010. We shared an array of strategies for teaching about sustainable living with diverse groups of lively, committed educators. The seminars featured interdisciplinary...more >
Connecting Art, Science, and Design: Reggio Emilia

Does any school system truly integrate art, science, and design with sustainable living?

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Connecting Art, Science, and Design: Reggio EmiliaAt the end of our seminar today -- Sustainability Education: Connecting Art, Science, and Design -- we saw a short introductory film about the Reggio Emilia approach to teaching and learning.  Think about the film within the context of what we have been doing in this seminar and share your thoughts about this question:What initial connections are you making between the way of learning at...more >
Carolie Sly: Connecting Art, Science, and Design: What Would You Do?

How can we use art, science, and design to help us understand our world today?

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Connecting Art, Science, and Design: What Would You Do?On the first day of a new Center for Ecoliteracy seminar on connecting art, science, and design in sustainability education, Fritjof Capra spoke about Leonardo da Vinci, emphasizing that no one before or since the Renaissance great has been more skilled at synthesizing art and science. This ability to make connections is exactly what we need to address most of today's problems, said Capra, who...more >
Alice Tebo - back to school with organic valley

The Center for Ecoliteracy teams up with Organic Valley for a special back-to-school campaign.

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Back to School with Organic ValleyOrganic Valley, one of the longtime leaders in organic agriculture, has announced that its 2010 back-to-school campaign will benefit the Center for Ecoliteracy. Here’s how it works: Starting in August, for every person who visits and enters to become eligible to win prizes (including a free year of products), Organic Valley will donate $1 to the Center for...more >
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