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Through its newsletter and website, the Center for Ecoliteracy offers concise essays presenting the perspectives of leading thinkers, educators, and policy makers. Contributors probe the connections including links between school food and combating childhood obesity, environmental issues and public policy, the interdependence of human and ecological communities, and education for sustainability.

Many of these essays have been written specifically for the Center. New essays are added regularly.

Dispatch from San Francisco: Ecoliteracy for All

San Francisco USD uses Center for Ecoliteracy principles as a guiding framework in its sustainability initiative.

California Food for California Kids Awards

The Center recognizes innovative leaders and school districts in the movement to incorporate fresh, seasonal food in school meals.

New Lessons from Leonardo
Fritjof Capra

To reconnect us with the living Earth today, we need exactly the kind of synthesis Leonardo outlined 500 years ago.

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Uncertain Peril

Is industrial agriculture, with its focus on chemical and genetic technologies, the best choice for ensuring a healthy future?

Claire Hope Cummings
Toward a Beauty-centric Education

We must address the relationship between sustainability and beauty to give emotional honesty to our ecological work.

Sandra B. Lubarsky
Three Sisters: An Ancient Garden Trio

The "Three Sisters" — corn, beans, and squash — provide a meaningful context for school garden education.

Sara Marcellino
Thinking Like an Ecosystem

Frances Moore Lappé on how cutting one tree is never about just cutting one tree. Every act has multiple effects.

Frances Moore Lappé

A new poem dedicated to Zenobia Barlow and the Center for Ecoliteracy.

Susan Griffin
The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision

An excerpt from Capra's and Luisi's book, which integrates the ideas, models, and theories underlying the systems view of life into a single coherent framework.

Fritjof Capra
Pier Luigi Luisi
The School in Every Garden

School gardens teach children the balance between living and merely surviving.

A.G. Kawamura
The School Garden Debate: To Weep or Reap?

The Atlantic article lambasted school gardens by stirring up charged emotions. But what are the facts?

Lisa Bennett
The Pleasures of Eating

Much of the pleasure of eating is in consciousness of the world from which food comes. This pleasure may be the best available standard of our health.

Wendell Berry
The New Facts of Life

Matter flows continually through a living system while form is maintained. Systems thinking includes a shift of emphasis from structure to process.

Fritjof Capra
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