Make a Mini Greenhouse from a CD Case

Use a recycled CD case to make a mini greenhouse and observe seedlings as they develop. A Smart by Nature™ downloadable resource.

Make a mini greenhouse from a cd case


Materials that might otherwise be discarded can be pressed into service as learning tools.

For example, a revealing activity you can do in the classroom or at home is our "Make a Mini Greenhouse out of a Recycled CD Case." In about 10 days your radish seeds will become well-developed seedlings, with the entire plants visible, including root systems.

Grade levels: K–3

Key Concepts: Each plant part plays a role in its growth and development.   Under the right conditions, a new plant will grow from a seed.  Roots take in water and soil nutrients and green leaves are associated with making food from sunlight. (Adapted from California State Academic Standards, grades K–3.)

Estimated time: Soak seeds overnight. 20 minutes to make mini greenhouses. 10 days of care and observation.

make a mini greenhouse from a recycled cd case

To see radish plants growing from seed, watch our time-lapse video (38 seconds).

Download Smart by Nature: How to Make a Mini Greenhouse from a Recycled CD Case Activity pdf [750k]


A Smart by Nature® downloadable resource