Tools and articles for redesigning school meal programs and helping students learn about food's place in our lives

farmers on farm

California's Climate-Smart Farms Activities

How does climate change affect the foods we eat? How does our food affect climate change? And how can we develop healthy responses to meet the climate challenges our young people will face?

Transforming School Food Politics Around the World cover

Transforming School Food Politics Around the World

A compilation of essays that explores how to successfully challenge and transform public school food programs to emphasize care, justice, and sustainability.

two students taste test berries

Taste Testing California Fruits and Vegetables

Connect the classroom and the cafeteria with engaging taste tests for students, educators, and school nutrition professionals.

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Partner with Local Farmers

Virtual gatherings for school nutrition professionals focused on building resilient school food systems in California.

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Eating Learning Growing Resources

Designed to help educators extend, enhance, and enrich farm to school lessons to be more culturally relevant and engaging for the unique students in each learning environment.

woman harvests kale

Farm to School

Our bilingual short film showcases the Pajaro Valley Unified School District and the power of youth leadership in the farm to school movement.