Nourishing Students: Posters

Connecting children with nature and nutritious California-grown fruits and vegetables.

Nourishing Students: Posters

Display these posters in kitchens, cafeterias, classrooms, and during after-school programs as a fun and engaging way to promote fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy eating. Nourishing Students: Enrichment Activities for Grades K–5 coordinates with these five posters and makes after-school, out-of-school, and summer programs more memorable.

Each poster is designed to print 24" by 36".

These posters won the 2018 Graphic Design USA award for Health + Wellness.


Peel an Orange


Love a Strawberry


Grab a Grape


Bite a Radish


Pick a Tomato


Download all five Nourishing Students Posters [8.4mb pdf]


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