Plant-Forward School Meal Resources

Recipes, culinary techniques, and student engagement materials for success in crafting plant-forward school meals.

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Plant-Forward Cooking Students Love

Plant-Forward Cooking Students Love includes photos, culinary techniques, and scaled recipes for school meals. This chef’s guide is a source of menu ideas with plant-forward recipes provided by public school districts as examples of popular, student-tested favorites. Recipes meet USDA meal pattern requirements and are suitable for school menus across the United States. Plant-Forward Cooking Students Love will help launch your success in bringing more plant-forward meals to your students.

Download Plant-Forward Cooking Students Love: Recipes and Techniques for School Meals [14.6mb PDF]

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Success with Plant-Forward Meals: Ideas and Resources For Engaging Students

Enthusiastic students help school nutrition programs succeed. Engaging students’ interest is especially important when introducing new food items and recipes. This guide supports your efforts in fostering student acceptance and enjoyment of freshly prepared, plant-forward meals. This guide integrates three strategies that provide enjoyable, enriching, and educational experiences for students during meal service and the school day. 

Download Success with Plant-Forward Meals: Ideas and Resources For Engaging Students [3.2mb PDF]

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Promotional Plant-Forward Flavors Posters

This collection of five posters features popular California-grown crops. Each poster provides nutrition information, history about the crop’s origins, and its importance to California agriculture. Display these in the dining environment to beautify your space and educate students about California crops and plant-forward flavors. Each poster is designed to print 24" by 36". 

Download Plant-Forward Flavors Posters [12.5mb PDF]

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Taste Test Poster

Students enjoy taste test posters that allow them to use stickers to share how they feel about a new recipe or food sample. Use this poster for students to “vote” during a taste test.

Download Taste Test Poster [801kb PDF]


Plant-Forward Culinary Workshop Slides

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