10 Things You Can Do to Change School Meals

If you're fed up with the food served at your school district, here are ten things you can do to help improve their school meals program.

10 things you can do to change school meals

Do you want to take the next step to improve your district's meal program?
Here are ten ideas.

You can find resources to help you in the "Related Content" on the right. Some items noted below may be downloaded from the Rethinking School Lunch Guide web page.

  • Create a planning team to anticipate future facilities needs.
    Resource: Interview with Steve Marsall, president of the food service consulting and design firm The Marshall Associates, Inc., on Rethinking School Lunch Guide page
  • Analyze your food service finances; are you achieving maximum efficiency?
    Resource: Interview with J.P. Dozier of Bon Appétit Management Company and Marc Zammit of the Compass Group on Rethinking School Lunch Guide page