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The Center for Ecoliteracy communications department welcomes queries about school food, school gardens, sustainable practices on school campuses, and other topics related to the growing schooling for sustainability movement in K-12 education.

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Chris Smith
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California Thursdays Media Coverage

December 4, 2014
Schools Use Creative Approaches to Serve Local Foods (And to Get Kids to Eat Them)
Education Week

October 26, 2014
Food Tank and the James Beard Foundation Present the 2014 Good Food Org Guide
Food Tank: The Food Think Tank

October 20, 2014
The Food List: Weekly Talking Points to Fix Our Food System
The Lexicon of Sustainability

October 15, 2014
Bee in Turlock: Schools Strive for Farm-fresh Food
The Modesto Bee

October 14, 2014
California Thursdays Success Story
Jamie Oliver's Food Foundation

October 7, 2014
California Thursdays Makes it on the Menu for TUSD Schools
Turlock Journal

September 28, 2014
The Case for School Meals
FoodTank: The Food Think Tank

September 22, 2014
School Lunch Makeover
The Monthly

September 16, 2014
Roll Call - Oakland School District Makes the Grade with California Thursdays
California Bountiful

September 15, 2014
California School District Rewrites Menu for Student Lunches
PBS NewsHour

September 4, 2014
Schools Notebook: Once a Month, Lunch is All Local
Southwest Journal

September 1, 2014
The Food List: Weekly Talking Points to Fix Our Food System
The Lexicon of Sustainability

August 21, 2014
Schools Think Local for Food Sources
U~T San Diego

June 17, 2014
Life and Leadership
Daily Good

May 7, 2014
California Food for California Kids, Especially on Thursdays

April 24, 2014
Oakland Schools to Offer Earth-Friendly Menu Options
SF Weekly

April 10, 2014
How to Teach Kids About Sustainability

February 19, 2014
Jennifer LeBarre Leads the Way in Oakland's School Lunch Progress
Bay Area Bites

April 02, 2014
Lunch Money: Can Schoolkids Really Eat Local Without Breaking the Bank?

February 1, 2014
Front Porch Farm - Experiment in Diversity
San Francisco Chronicle

January 13, 2014
Hope Is What We Become in Action

November 22, 2013
Turlock School Food Program Earns Award
Turlock City News

November 19, 2013
RIVERSIDE: City's School Districts Honored for Innovative Foods
The Press-Enterprise

November 17, 2013
Fresh, Locally Sourced Food in Oakland Unified School Meal Program Draws Kudos
Oakland Local

November/December 2013
Rethinking School Lunch Guide
Energy Times

September 26, 2013
Five Ways to Develop Ecoliteracy

September 9, 2013
Forging the Food Justice Path (A Five-Part Series)
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

September 6, 2013
In Oakland, Schools and Communities Collaborate for Healthier Food
Healthy Schools Campaign

Summer 2013
Come Celebrate California Food for California Kids
Poppy Seeds (California School Nutrition Association)